Choosing the right Vehicle Wrapping Company

So you’re looking for a reputable wrapping company, but how do you know if you’re choosing the right vehicle wrapping company? Here are some key areas you should be looking for in a company which will make a big difference in the design, installation, and overall wrap quality and durability.

Take a look at their Gallery or Portfolio

Take a look at the company’s website. See if they have any images of past vehicle wrapping projects? A professional vehicle wrapping company will always display their previous work on their site and around the business. Without a portfolio to look at, how will you know they do quality work?

Do they have a Professional In-House Designer

Having an amazing design that really represents your brand is what will set your wrap apart from the rest. A good experienced designer knows the curves of a vehicle, problem areas an installer will run into with certain makes and models, and design elements that will accent different types of vehicles. The right art worker/designer will make a huge impact on the final product. Choose wisely and always ask to see some recent work and any proofs.

Do they manage their print in house?

Ask the company what kind of printer they have. Do they print in house or do they use a third party? There are many issues that can surface during the printing process. The colour may come out wrong, an element may not print right, or if using a third party printing company they could ship the wrong graphics to the install company. Off-site printing can significantly delay the overall vehicle wrap installation process – we would always recommend using a company who manage the whole process in house.

Do they employ Certified Installers?

Once you have the design and printing right you need to ensure that the installers are trained and certified? The most common certification for vehicle wrapping is 3M. If you’re after a wrap that’s going to be installed the right way the first time around, look for a company that is 3M Certified or Endorsed logo.

What is their Vehicle Wrap Warranty?

Vinyl offers a lot more flexibility to the design of your graphics while adding a protective layer to the original paint on your vehicle. However, with vinyl, you should expect some typical wear and tear over the 5-10 years you have your wrap. Absolute perfection ensures your vehicle is always covered under warranty.

Do they have any Awards and Reviews

Look for a company who has notable awards or reviews. Looking at what other clients have to say about their work, this gives a great representation of what the companies finished work will be like. Check out any awards they have gained or any write ups in any of the main publications.

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