Life begins…

January 1, 1990

Rob Foster & Nick Cash for DESIGNER SIGNS initially work from an outbuilding at Rob’s house.

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The first Move…

January 1, 1991

Rob & Nick move into a small unit at Moorside.

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Starting to grow…

January 1, 1992

Take on another employee Business offers a full sign service from shops to vans

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Karl joins the team

January 1, 1993

Karl Joins the team, initially as a fitter, then focuses on design & computer work.

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Nick moves on

January 1, 1995

Nick Cash leaves to pursue a career in van sales.

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Move to Flixton

January 1, 1996

Business moves to Flixton, becomes PRO SIGNS.

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Leads to contracts…

January 1, 1998

Former owner Nick provides leads to contracts in Major UK van rental firm.

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Moved to Oldham

January 1, 2000

Business Moves to Oldham.

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The SignBox is born

January 1, 2002

Karl & Rob form partnership THE SIGN BOX.

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Kit bought, vehicle wrapping offered

January 1, 2003

Buy Uniform Cadet printer , best technology available at the time Begin to offer a vehicle wrap service with in house printing

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Another member of the team

January 1, 2004

Matt Hough joins the team ( 3 staff ).

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Moved Premises

January 1, 2005

Move into unit 3 at coldhurst, huge upgrade to building Purchase large format printer The business begins to focus on Vehicle Signage

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Specialising in fast turn around

January 1, 2006

The business begins to specialise in fast turnaround fleet vehicle service to  the vehicle leasing sector.

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The team continues to grow

January 1, 2007

Nick Bolton Joins the team, ( now  4 staff )

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Environmentally friendly printer arrives

January 1, 2008

Purchase a latex printer, higher quality & environmentally friendly.

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Further growth…

February 5, 2009

Take on 2 more staff ( now 5 staff )

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More environmentally friendly equipment

February 5, 2012

Purchase another latex printer.

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We continue to grow…

February 5, 2013

Take on 3 staff ( now 7 staff )

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Specialised kit….

February 5, 2014

Purchase Rolls Roller and another printer too

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Now 11 staff…

February 5, 2015

Take on 2 more staff ( NOW 10 STAFF ) Major upgrades to building

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The future….

February 5, 2016

Who knows ……?

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