Chapter 8 Vehicle Markings

Any vehicle that may have to stop on a high-speed road for works purposes should be fitted with high visibility rear markings and chevrons. Here at the SignBox we will ensure you meet your legal obligations and help to give your workforce and the public maximum protection possible.

At the SignBox we offer a complete Chapter 8 package from template design of the full and part kits through to the production and fitting of the kits. We have a wide range of templates for both old and new models, all our kits are made up of approved materials and we can offer chevron kits in both prismatic and standard.

Most vehicles only require standard kits to comply with chapter 8 guidelines, there are certain vehicle though that need to have stronger visibility markings and this is where we use our prismatic stock.

Our Prismatic reflective is up to 9 x more visible at night and is used by vehicles where they will be stopping in fast moving traffic and will need to be seen from a greater distance. Some of these include: Traffic management vehicles, Equipment installation/removal vehicles, Traffic maintenance vehicles and impact protection vehicles.

All our material meets the requirements of ECE104 and Chapter 8, most of our products also have a warranty for between 2 -4  years.

We can also offer our chapter 8 kits on compliant stock on a tailored magnetic backing allowing you flexibility when you are looking to use on a vehicle for a limited period.

Our standard kits consist of chevrons, side stripes, highways and door lozengers but we can provide just specific items dependant on your needs. We can also provide safety stickers and highway maintenance signs.

For more information on Chapter 8 please click the link below to the Gov site or call us on 0161 624 0318: Chapter 8 

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